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5 Reasons to Plan a Family Safari in Sri Lanka

With lockdowns easing up around the world, it's time to start planning for a family holiday abroad that will allow your little ones the chance to finally be out in the world experiencing some fresh new adventures.

A safari holiday in Sri Lanka will present you and your family the chance to experience the country's rich natural landscape and a treasure trove of wild animals bringing along with them a whole lot of excitement that is bound to leave you wanting for more.

Here are our top reasons w

Exploring The Hillside of Sri Lanka - 5 MUST DO Activities

Are you looking for adventurous activities to partake in during your island holiday? Here are 5 activities every traveller must do!

1. Take the train to Badulla

You cannot experience the Sri Lankan hillside to its fullest capacity without incorporating a train journey into your holiday. The train ride from Kandy to Badulla is widely accepted as one of the best train journeys in Asia, with breathtaking views to feast your eyes. Traverse the terraced tea plantations and mist-covered mountain top

Ceylon Tea Escapades

Sri Lanka presents the perfect blend of tea and culture for those in search of a unique holiday getaway in the tropics. From golden sandy beaches to mist-covered emerald hilltops, the pearl of the Indian Ocean offers an assortment of travel experiences to those smitten by wanderlust.

Tea was introduced to this teardrop island back in the 1800s by the British. Today, the country produces some of the finest tea globally. Ceylon tea is available in a wide range of single origins and unique blends

Best photo spots in the hill country of Sri Lanka

A trip to Sri Lanka would not be complete without a visit to its hill country. The mountainous region offers a breath of fresh air to the contemporary metropolis of Colombo. It is a must-see place for all you nature lovers and adventure seekers alike, which is guaranteed to leave an impression on your heart (and your memory card)!

For photography enthusiasts, the hill country of Sri Lanka truly is paradise as you can find a good number of hidden gems that can bring quite the attention to your n

The Ultimate Weligama Travel Guide

If you wish to experience the best of Sri Lanka, it is a must to explore its coastal regions in the south of the country. Weligama is one such quaint little town on the southern coast that is a must-visit if your love the beach, the sunny weather and wish to experience a combination of activities ranging from adventure sports, nature excursions as well as visits to historical sites in the area.

Weligama is also a top-rated destination for other outdoor activities, like biking, jogging, hiking,

5 Things to do in the South Coast of Sri Lanka

If you love travelling to exotic destinations, then Sri Lanka, an island renowned for its rich history and complex traditions, would not let you down. And that's not all. You will find some of the most stunning beaches, fascinating landscapes, fantastic food and interesting cultures all wrapped up into one magnificent package.

What’s so special about the south coast?

The south coast has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for wildlife excursions, warm sandy beaches, or quiet coastal

3 Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations in Sri Lanka

If you’re searching for the best family-friendly spots to explore in Sri Lanka, you’ve come to the right place. While the tiny tropical island is a renowned travel destination in itself, not all of Sri Lanka is uber family-friendly.

Whether you’re travelling with toddlers or disgruntled teenagers, it is always safe to do your research on what you would like to expose your kids to. From the golden sandy beaches to the vibrant flora and fauna and the 1000-year-old historical sites, the teardrop i

Sun, Sea & Sand Escapades in Weligama Sri Lanka

Located on the south coast of Sri Lanka, approximately 89 miles south of Colombo, Weligama is a thriving fishing village that has become a popular tourist destination on the island over the last decade. It's perfect for ocean lovers and adventure seekers that are in search of a holiday getaway.

If you're craving sunshine and beach vibes in your life, then Weligama may just be the perfect spot for your next vacation.

Featured below are some of the MUST DO activities in Weligama:

Why go surfing

Unique Travel Experiences in the South Coast of Sri Lanka

The South coast is one of the most scenic destinations to visit in Sri Lanka. It includes popular coastal towns such as Galle, Unawatuna, Weligama, Tangalle and Hikkaduwa. When you’re headed from Colombo all the way up to Tangalle, you will come across plentiful unique activities to engage in, ranging from historical attractions, vibrant beach life to adventure and water sports that can make your beach holiday something special.

Check out this video for some of the experiences that are not to b

5 Remarkable Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, described by Marco Polo as being "for its size, better circumstanced than any island in the world", is undeniably one of the most beautiful places you can visit. Within its tiny 65,610km2 of land area, the country hosts a diverse range of landscapes from mist-covered mountain tops, rolling hills with acres of tea plantations, spectacular beaches and extensive biodiversity, not to mention the rich documented history dating back 3000 years.

All this makes it seem challenging to plan yo

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